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  • Charles Wekselbaum

The Power Of Choice

You have a profound ability in a grocery store - That is to make a choice on what to buy or not to buy- what ecosystem to support, or not to support. It may seem see small, and relatively inconsequential when you're standing there in the aisle, or browsing on your computer. But rest assured that that choice of yours - coffee, or tea? Chicken, or fish? Rice or potatoes? - has a ripple effect across countless individuals, across a complex and often times illogical supply chain. Your choice dictates whether or not a seed cultivator, a grower, a picker, an overseer, a packer, a packaging supplier, a truck driver, a maintenance person, and so many more, work. And you're often forced to make that choice with minimal or questionable Information. At worse, the information is vague or non-existent. At best, the identity of the source is revealed, and you're given a collection of unverifiable claims that you're encouraged to take at face value.

This is an inherently flawed process for such a consequential decision. In reality, your access to verifiable facts, to help you make the smartest decision, is so limited. Blockchain technology can change all of that. It can create a secure, and neutral ledger of information that guarantees you real facts about the food you are buying, and which ecosystem- that is to say, which people, you choose to support. All of this from right there in the grocery store, whether virtual or brick and mortar. A food system with this type of checks and balances in place is more profitable, more ethical, safer, and more valuable. As a consumer with such power, the very least you can expect is truth and knowledge to give you the tools to make an informed decision. At the Traceability Project, we are on a mission to give you those tools, so that you can exercise that power wisely, and in a manner that is healthy for you, for the people who make food possible, and for the Earth. Keep in touch with us via our social media channels, as well as our newsletter, to stay informed.

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