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  • Charles Wekselbaum

You Don't Know What You've Got til it's Gone - ReThinking Food Supply During the COVID ERA

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Until COVID-19 appeared, most Americans had a relatively one sided relationship with food. Food was expected to be there, yet the thought that it had to be made or grown or somehow produced, and transported, and distributed, and kept, and stocked, simply did not occur to most people. But, you don't know what you've got til it's gone, right? And when it goes, it hits you hard. No flour? No rice? No eggs? No bananas? How can this be?? So the expectation that food was just "there," especially staple foods, has evolved into a constant in our culture. Enter COVID-19 and, suddenly, millions of people began hoarding massive amounts of food, and in the ensuing weeks, and months, millions more began learning what it is like to not have access to pretty much anything, anytime. Suddenly we're not sure what the grocers will have in stock, and what they're out of. We need to wait in long lines to enter a store- or wait a week or 2 for delivery.

It's not easy having to deal with the uncertainty and the complexities of grocery shopping during a time like this. But so many of the most valuable life lessons come from the toughest of experiences. Let this moment be an opportunity to start thinking about the journey of your food before it hits your grocery cart. Where is my rice from, and how did it get here? Where is my wheat from? Do you even know how wheat gets milled into flour? And what part of the wheat berry actually becomes flour? Think about these things - take time to learn, to google, to watch videos about them. You will be inspired and uplifted, and likely hold yourself to a higher standard and, thus, hold the food industry to one. And, from this nightmare, we can use the opportunity to emerge stronger.

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